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about us

Our design office deals with building construction’s general planning. We are capable of dealing with many activities, from smaller projects like weekend houses and building enlargements, to bigger buildings like offices, condominium buildings, and industrial halls. Before the opening of our own office, the team worked as the planning department of N+N, Ltd., the county's largest construction company. There we already had the chance to work with large volumes and complex projects. We could prove our capabilities on tasks with tight deadlines; our cost-effectiveness in work involving high-value investments; and our creativity, when applied to specific solutions. The now-independent office still keeps in touch with the prestigious company’s experts, in partnership and as our subcontractor. Because we have contact with a wide range design offices, we can undertake special challenges with complete designs. In construction projects, the design phase is at least as important as the building. The contacts with the authorities now impact the entire investment, from the rough sketch until ready to use. A good plan of the building helps to save a lot of money when the building is used. We can stand for our clients' interests with the subcontractors from the acquisition of land until completion, and of course after this we are at service as well. Please contact us and let us help you.

Tamás Vidra
Master Architect






home / mailing address: 5000 Szolnok, Hajnóczy street 32.

office / mailing address: 5000 Szolnok, Pozsonyi street 68.

phone number: Tamás Vidra / +3670 518-9443

E-mail address: vidratamas@teplan.eu