General Planning

Our design office deals with general design of high-rise buildings. In the course of our activities so far, from holiday homes and building extensions to condominiums, from offices to industrial buildings, we have worked with a variety of functions and scales. Before the opening of the office, we worked for one of the largest construction companies in the county as the design department.


Even then, we had the opportunity to perform complex, high-volume tasks. We were able to prove our reliability when working with tight deadlines, our cost-effectiveness for high-value investments, our creativity when unique solutions had to be applied. Our now independent office remains maintains close contact with former colleagues, now in a partnership relationship.


Because we work with design offices belonging to a wide variety of disciplines contact, we can also undertake the complete design of special purpose buildings. The interests of our clients with the help of our subcontractors we can represent you from acquisition to handover of the keys and, of course, we are also available after the building is completed.


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